About CIM

Christian Impact Mission (CIM) is a Non- Political, Non-denominational, Non-governmental development agency that has continuously sought to develop Models and Training tools for Community Transformation. CIM primarily operates as an outreach to communities seeking to develop sustainable community transformation movements.

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You can send your financial contributions to support the East Pokot mission to the following account:
Christian Impact Mission
Equity Bank Limited
Karen Branch
Acc No: 024295740980
Swift code: EQBLKENA
P.O. Box 104807-00100



Mwolyo Out Ngangani Zone and the treasurer Horticultural Group. She says that since she was born she had always known Mwolyo (relief) in Ukambani “We queued for Mwolyo ever since I was a girl,” says, Margaret.” Then I got married

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Operation Mwolyo Out (OMO)

Operation Mwolyo Out

OMO – Counteracting Dependency Operation Mwolyo Out (OMO) begun as an intervention when there were reports all over the Media of cases of death due to the famine that had stricken the bigger Ukambani region. Yatta was however worse hit

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CIM’S Transformational Model

CIM'sTransformational Model

CIM has developed a 10 point community transformation model in Makutano- Yatta, a community in semi arid part in the Eastern province of Kenya. The Yatta people had for a long time depended on relief food from the government and

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OMO Success Story

OMO Success Story

The Yatta Model Transformation program otherwise known as Operation Mwolyo Out Movement (OMO) within its first year of inception made tremendous strides by turning into a transformation movement. The program was launched in March 2009. By then, it covered a

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