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The Christian Impact Mission (CIM) is a Non-governmental development agency that has continuously sought to develop Models and Training tools for community Transformation with special focus on building community resilience in the face of the challenges associated with Climate change among the vulnerable communities in. Using the Mindset Change and Empowered Worldview approach, CIM primarily operates as an outreach to communities seeking to develop community transformation movements. C.I.M’s core focus is to empower individuals, families and communities to discover and exploit God given abilities and potential, and engaging them towards realizing human dignity and improved livelihoods for communities in Kenya, Africa and beyond using the Mindset change and empowered Biblical Worldview approach.


The CIM Integrated Centre is an establishment of Christian Impact Mission (CIM) that seeks to address different life needs of its patrons. Life as we know it has several dimensions. Some of these include; the Spiritual, Economic, Social, Cultural, Political, Environmental and Technological. CIM in its integrated Centre has sought to develop programmes and initiatives that address challenges associated with these dimensions and more towards attaining abundant life as in John 10:10


With the reports of the successes of the program in Yatta so far, CIM has been engaged in training key NGOs and CBOs in Kenya on grassroots community transformation approaches. This includes World Vision International- Kenya, World Vision International- Tanzania, World Compassion, Norwegian Church Aid and Action aid among others, all of whom have brought teams for an exposure tour of the OMO program in Yatta. The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) after being commissioned by USAID's Feed the future program also identified OMO as one of the best practices in food security in the country


CIM then introduced what they locally refer to as high value crops for the market that included onions, tomatoes, chillies and other crops that had potential for high returns in the market and that were on demand


More than 3,000 households in the program area in Yatta have water pans (the micro- dams) and are 'OMO compliant', putting into practice the agricultural methods that are part of the program. program's spread currently is in four distinct locations in Yatta; Kinyaata, Ikombe, Kithimani and Katangi.

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Goals and objectives

The overall aim of the CIM Model program is to “Improve the Capacity of vulnerable communities for resilience through the CIM Mindset change and empowered worldview for water, food and financial security.

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