Bishop Dr. Masika (center) with Tim Andrews, director of World Vision Tanzania posing with Maasai elder in Mbuyuni village, Tanzania after being ordained as Olegwanans (maasai elders)

In May 2014 we had a rare treat in a display of honour as the Maasai elders (Olegwanans) at Mbuyuni village in Tanzania ordained the CIM Director Bishop Dr. Titus Masika and the World Vision Tanzania Director Tim Andrews as fellow Olegwanans. Rev. Agnes Masika and Pamela Shao (Chief of Party, Securing Africa’s Future Project – Babati Cluster at World Vision Tanzania) were also crownedNgaigwanans (honorary women elders) by the Maasai women. The ceremony was conducted in a moving ceremony where the elders uttered blessings imploring God to give the new Olegwanans and Ngaigwanans strength to keep walking with and serving the community as He also blesses them for the great work done so far. The Olegwanan is the highest authority in the Maasai community.
This came during a Mentorship tour of CIM’s Mentorship visit in Tanzania where the CIM team got to visit various communities that have attended the Yatta Community transformation trainings. Gauging by the response of the communities visited and the evident transformation on the ground, the partnership between CIM and World Vision Tanzania stands out as a great success showcasing what would happen when development agencies come together and embrace a transformed Worldview approach in Community development as championed by Bishop Masika and the Christian Impact Mission.

Building bridges with Maasai Community in Nothern Tanzania

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