IMG_6343webMwolyo Out Ngangani Zone and the treasurer Horticultural Group. She says that since she was born she had always known Mwolyo (relief) in Ukambani “We queued for Mwolyo ever since I was a girl,” says, Margaret.” Then I got married and was still queuing for Mwolyo to feed my family and thought this was really wrong. In 1989, Margaret and her husband, who are some ofthe oldest members of the OMO Programme, decided that enough was enough. The two begun to dig a dam in their compound. However, they did not see major breakthrough until they got the spiritual breakthrough through the prayers in the church Victory Life International. “Before then, we had our dam and we were still going to receive Mwolyo,” she laughs as she can now see the funny side of the whole scenario.

Today, Margaret and her husband plant almost everything on their three acre farm, all supported by a big dam that holds water even during long spells of drought.
“We grow chilies, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, French beans and grafted mangoes, most of it going to the market. We sell to Everest Export Co and also to brokers who now frequent this area. It is like a dream come true and we thank Almighty God for everything,” she says, the smile never leaving her well nourished face.
“Every year, we make about Ksh90,000 in sales from our produce, that is a lot of money,” she says.Leaning over to touch her son’s head, she says, “We have managed to take our four children to school through this dam and farm.” I have two children who are now in this dam and farm.” I have two children who are now in college, one in secondary school and this one in primary school. We do not beg anyone for school fees any more and we have enough food at home to feed all of them.”
Today, the sky is the limit for Margaret and her husband. They intend to expand their water pan to collect more water and expand their irrigation area. “My husband attends a lot of seminars to bring in new technologies into our farm,” she says.
Presently, they are trying out grafted mangoes with technology got from the Katumani Research Station in Machakos. The Mangoes give fruit at different times of the year giving different types of mangoes as have been grafted with different species all in one mango tree “Looking back at where we were 10 or 20 years ago, . living in desperation, it is like a miracle to see where we are now and we give God all the glory as we have seen Him work for us. Now people of Makutano in Yatta are known as producers, not dependants. Even the government knows that we do not need their Mwolyo anymore,” she sums up, a big smile still on her face.