Canon Rosemary Mbogo started her career in teaching and rose to become a head teacher of Kivaa Secondary School. Canon Rosemary, also a graduate of NIST, was ordained in 1998 and worked as a church minister at Lavington United Church. She later moved to NIST as Director of the Institute of Christian Ministry and a lecturer, before moving to the Anglican Church of Kenya Provincial Office as missions coordinator. In 2009, she was promoted by God’s grace to the post of Provincial Secretary, which also doubles up as principal assistant to His Grace the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya.

She has been an active member of CIM (Formerly REMA) through the years being involved in the planning and implementation of District wide Missions all over Kenya and East Africa. She serves as the Chair of the advisory Board.


Dr. Nzuki is a development consultant, CIM and Director at Africa Center for Missions. He is also a former Director- Life Ministry Kenya, FTT Afriserve and Tearfund.

Founder and Director of CIM/OMO who holds two Doctorate Degrees in theology and community development . He has developed models in Community Transformation, practices,processes Community Stratified Evangelism  (CSE) and Training tools.A retired High School principal who has served in many BOG’s and is a member of the body of Inspired Individuals(Tear Fund). Is the Executive Director and sits on both the Advisory Boards and the Board of Trustees.

Eng. Mbogo started his professional career with Kenya Power and Lighting Company and later the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen). He has worked here for more than 30 years. While working at KenGen, Eng. Mbogo undertook his theological education at NIST and was ordained in Anglican ministry. He is now an attached clergy at St. Francis, Karen. He is also a life member of CIM (REMA) from the days of its inseption. Also a member of the Advisory Board.

Bsc and MSc in Agriculture
He has worked as the deputy Provincial Agricultural/ Livestock Officer and has also worked with NGO’s in top management positions both at World Relief and Across, Sudan. He is also afounder member of CIM. He brings wealth of over thirty years experience in the Development field. Also serves in the Advisory Board.

Holds a BA, Bed and MA in counselling Psychology :
She has been High School Principal, head of Counselling and Life skills at Lenana National School. Has authored Course books on Life skills for secondary schools. She brings a number of models to CIM such as Gender in Community Transformation ,Team Building Processes and Life skills. Serves in both the Advisory Board and the Board of Trustees

BA, Postgraduate and is currently pursuing his MA in Leadership
Has worked with Life Ministry (campus crusade) and has a wide experience in mentorship and leadership development and developing mentoring programme. He is also an ordained minister and is charged with Operations and sits on both Boards.