Christian Impact Mission is an outreach to communities seeking to develop transformation community movements. CIM was registered in 2005 but has also been registered under the registrar of societies as Community Impact Mission (CIM 2010).


To see a transformed Africa i.e. by being food secure, self reliant and self-sustaining by year 2014.


Mobilizing communities to develop home-grown transformation initiatives, encourage them to control the reigns of their destinies through wealth generation, job creation using appropriate technologies, good practices and innovations


Christian Impact Mission seeks to mobilize communities to develop commercial, industrial and agricultural villages. However, the main focus in the process is a transformed family, (TF). The following are indicators of a transformed family:

  • One that is spiritually liberated (Luke 4:18)
  • Can cohesively associate with neighbors to develop common facilities and resources for common gain.
  • One who is politically alert, conscious of his entitlement and associates with others to develop capacity to bargain for the national resources shared politically
  • Can generate wealth as opposed to being dependent on relief and external aid.
  • Has capacity to determine the resources within his environment and can sustain ably develop them for his family and posterity.
  • Has capacity to develop interventions for the emerging challenges