A group of youth from the Coast region touring one of the succesfull farms

OMO – Counteracting Dependency

Operation Mwolyo Out (OMO) begun as an intervention when there were reports all over the Media of cases of death due to the famine that had stricken the bigger Ukambani region.
Yatta was however worse hit as there were reports of people eating cooked mangoes, dogs and donkeys. The women even started selling their bodies to truck drivers along Garissa road. The worst case however, was when a lady died a few days after giving birth to a set of twins. This was first captured in the Nation television before the story later on became viral.
“I was shocked to discover that the lady’s home was actually less than 2 km from my home! There was obvious need and we could not sit back and watch. My daughter Mercy, a renowned Gospel artist together with a team from CIM quickly mobilized the Media and other artists and Churches in Nairobi to give food as intervention.” Says Bshp Dr. Masika – CIM Founder
Giving out of food rations was however not an end in itself. As a family and an organization, we used the mileage we had generated and in partnership with the local Church, we mobilized further for a more permanent solution. That is why people can visit from all over to see a transformed people and learn about transformation from us. We refused to be merely donors.Relief as it is can never be sustainable. Counteracting dependency needs to be any development practitioner’s primary goal. Dependency in the community must be reduced by every action you take. When training a community organization how to obtain resources, the facilitator must keep that primary goal in mind and act accordingly. A donor agency should try to avoid giving the community anything for nothing. That is what encourages dependency
Visit us at the CIM site in Yatta and be a witness of this amazing transformation. It would also be an amazing opportunity to interact with the CIM and the Yatta community as her whole. For more details, feel free to talk to us. Check our contacts for more info.