The Yatta Model Transformation program otherwise known as Operation Mwolyo Out Movement (OMO) within its first year of inception made tremendous strides by turning into a transformation movement.

The program was launched in March 2009. By then, it covered a small village, but before the end of the year, it had over 3000 active members. Within the first year, over 1000 water pans spread over a radius of 30 km were constructed by the members.

Most of the members had formed into small operation groups and were willing to work together in the water harvesting program; others adopted the growth of high value crops.

A company in Nairobi contracted farmers to grow French beans for export. Growing of water melons, sweet potatoes also became common.

The program area has turned green while the neighboring districts are crying for the government to make water available to them.

Study Groups

 The program has hosted study groups sponsored by different development agents such as World Vision ADOs from Kaloleni, Kilifi, Tseikuru, Baringo and Mwalat etc for study tours. Other organizations such as Action Aid Kenya, WHEMS etc. have also sponsored study tours to the area.

Government ministries such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Ministry of Cooperative have also visited the program in 2009 besides others.